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GENDER VARIANCE 101: An educational zine

Call for Submissions 

letters to cis people 
personal stories + experiences 
advice for questioning folks 
coming out letters 
poetry, art, music 

Deadline: August 22, 2014 EXTENDED (submissions preferred asap)


Submissions from cis people will be accepted, provided they are on topics like advice on how to get the hang of pronouns or other topics that are appropriate for the zine. I’m happy to proof your ideas and such if you are unsure, but when in doubt, go for it.

Deadline has been extended!



featured zine reviews from issue 81 are right here!

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This is my Patreon, where you can become a patron of my art, starting at just $0.50 per month. Perks for every level of contribution. I really, really need the money, too— queer, trans, disabled and completely broke here! Please boost & support. Thank you.


Images from “FAG,” my first zine, 2013. I had an idea that, if you’re gonna call me dirty names, you should be just as prepared to say such things to the kid version of me, because I was just as much a fag then as now. I wanted there to be a high contrast between the sweetness of the photos and the harshness of the words.

Patreon, if you haven’t heard of it, is a platform for artists to get paid for their art. You can pledge toward the creation of work, and you can also get rewards for pledging, like pieces of artwork made for you. I have set one up— if you would like to be a patron, this is where you pledge!

I could really use the money right now! My partner and I will be driving from Maine to Louisiana soon in my car, and I don’t have much for an emergency (ie., one of our hosts couldn’t host) or car breakdowns (I have an old car and its 1800+ miles). I’ll be making some great stuff soon and I’m looking forward to posting it!

Check out my work at!

OK, that’s it for now with the personal posts. Back to queer zines soon.

My partner and I will be passing through Charlotte, NC area and Montgomery AL area on August 8-9 respectively. We are a queer disabled nonbinary person (me) & a queer man (him). I have a serious illness and am not able to work much or earn much money, so I haven’t been able to afford to get hotels or anything for this trip, which is how I’m bringing my cat and my belongings to Louisiana for my move there from Maine.

If we don’t find a place we may have to sleep in the car where I may become pretty sick. We very much need a place to crash— a floor is fine, in queer-friendly, cat-friendly circumstances. Please help! And please, please boost and tell any friends in the area. We are friendly and kind, and the cat is a fixed male who is sociable with all creatures.



We are launching a new lit zine focusing on awesome stories of all genres featuring queer protagonists. For example, a story about a lesbian pirate who is seduced by a siren, or an asexual detective solving muder mysteries, or a trans scientist building sentient robots, or an agendered person travelling the world. The zine will include stories, poems, comics, and art all revolving around a positive portrayal of queerness, with an emphasis on entertainment and creativity.

But for now – WE NEED A NAME!

We’re asking you to suggest up to five names for this zine. Names should reflect our mission without using any specific queer words in the name.

The person who’s name we choose will win four books that fit our mission of awesome stories featuring queer protagonists:

And then five random people who entered will get a participation prize including kindle ebook codes for queer lit and coupons to purchase ebooks from indie authors like Sarah Diemer

To enter:

Contest will last until August 9th. We hope you’ll all enter!!



Alicia’s American Sign Language Dictionary.  Alicia is showing you four important signs in ASL:  ”I Love You,” “Queer,” “Bisexual,” and “Transgender.” 

When you’re talking about someone’s identity, make sure to only use words they’re OK with. 

If anyone has suggestions to improve these pages, they are very much welcome. 

Mq. & Mrs. is a queer/trans coloring book in progress that only uses real people as models.  New pages are published every Sunday at noon. Interested in modeling for a page? See our site for more info.  


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Articles and content cover the following topics: genderqueer/trans* identity, rape/sexual assault, male feminism, critiques of marriage, sexuality, street harassment, etc.

Check it out! I’m in this issue.

And so am I!