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Call for submissions to Alchemical Postmodern Theorist #3 — a yearly journal of queer possibility and off-the-map theory!

This issue is exploring Queer mental health. Here are some topics to jump off from:

-Trans peoples’ experiences in mental hospitals
-Trans peoples’ experiences in counseling and with therapists who act as gatekeepers
-Hiding mental health problems, or presenting as a different gender (ex.: as binary identified when you are genderqueer) to get hormones
-Trans identity and queerness as a “mental illness”
-Queer artists exploring mental illness
-How growing up/coming out queer influences mental health and mental illness for better and for worse
-Changes in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) & how they affect us
-Homelessness, queerness/trans identity, and mental illness
-Suggestions for how to improve mental healthcare from the system
-Suggestions for how to take care of our own mental health and others’
-BDSM and mental illness and/or trauma history

Please send submissions to

Contributors will receive my deepest thanks and a free copy of the zine mailed to you! Contributions may include:

Poetry, long or short!
Short stories
Cartoons, collage, and artwork

Essays and articles

See previous issues here.

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