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The Alchemist's Closet Is A Magical Zine Store Catering To The Odd Customer and Specializing In Queer, Trans, Genderqueer, Feminist, Punk & Anarchist Zines.

This fantastic zine by sara zia ebrahimi and emily nepon is a comprehensive resource guide for dropping out of high school and creating the life you want. Published by the Self Education Foundation, the zine discusses the problem with schools and how the education system sucks the pleasure out of learning and marginalizes queer, trans, and other individuals within the system.

While dropping out isn’t the right choice for everyone, this guide shows how it can be done, and includes inspiring interviews with adults and teenagers who have dropped out and started their lives, including college, good jobs and fulfilling experiences as activists and artists. Dropping out isn’t a life sentence of failure or poverty: It’s a choice that can be made deliberately and with the right kind of attitude and effort, can become a jumping off point to a more interesting and fulfilling life without waiting for graduation.

$3 at The Alchemist’s Closet.

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